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Shantiniketan - The Abode of Peace

The Abode of Peace, the Ashram way of living, the University of the World, the seed farm of World leaders and ideas that shift paradigms, the confluence of the East and the West, the gastronomes ecstacy, the nature lovers' delight and the place to heal a troubled soul at leisure.Yet all of the above, put together do not do justice to Shantiniketan. Definitely not recommended for Mall Hunters and Disco Junkies, this is a tour for soothing, humbling and reinforcing resolves for souls that thrive in earthiness and an academic atmosphere.

Meet tribals and dance with them. Be enthralled by Bauls, the sect of roving minstrels who compose and render philosophies through songs that are as true as their breath and the lives they live. Visit a self help group and check out handicrafts and handlooms being produced (you can buy these, optionally, at prices usually much lower than city stores). Savour Bengali cuisine, much of it grown organically or sourced form local villages and lauded by epicureans from allover the world. Gaze at the stars in the night and relive old memories. Learn about the huge efforts that went in to the making of Shantiniketan and Shriniketan, the challenges that were overcome, the achievements of geniuses from diverse fields and geographies. Take a walk around the campus and see the pathbreaking ideas in action.

If you are pressed for time, we can drive you to a day tour where we start very early and return late. You get an idea of the place. Else, we would recommend staying back for a night. There are decent lodging options asvailable including Hotels, B&Bs, Government Tourst Lodges, etc.

You have surely been to exotic locations and happening places. This apparently may seem a humble option for thrill seekers. Take this tour with us, only if you feel that your soul deserves it.