Riverfront Walks

The river knows it all. It has seen so much over centuries. It has supported entire civilizations and its banks have given shelter to so many. The mighty Ganges, Nile, Yangste, Seine, Volga, Thames or Hudson have all spawned large cities growing up around their banks, each with its own history. In India, the mighty Ganges, after flowing through a large part of India, being a recourse to ancient cities like Varanasi, comes to Kolkata. Here it takes on a new name. The Hooghly River, as she is called in Bengal, flows through the twin cities of Kolkata & Howrah and ultimately meets the ocean less than 200 km away in the Bay of Bengal Sea.

According to some historians,  it is through this river that many ancient Eastern Indians have explored sea trading routes. It is through this river route that Medieval Europeans came to trade in silk, cotton, spices and even slaves. Barring the ones that made a mistake and landed in the Americas, a lot of European traders & Pirates came to Eastern India via this river. This river was the path of the legendary Job Charnock, trading representative of British East India Company, landing in the village of Kolikata and setting up base here. On this spot of the Hooghly germinated the city of modern Kolkata.

During our River Front Walk, we regale you with the stories about the mighty Ganges and Hooghly, its evolution as a great Port, the numerous Ghats & Monuments built around it (each with its own story) and give you a glimpse of the people whose lives revolve directly around the river and river front.

We also take you on a small boat ride so you can feel the river from close, see the City of Kolkata from the river and enjoy a ride. You also get many photography opportunities in this area. And if you are really lucky, you may even see a couple of Gangetic Dolphins fleetingly, as they cavort in he river.

Children could be taken to the Millennium Parks where there are options for simple joy rides, swings and other play amenities.

The River Front walk  cum boat ride would be of a duration of 1.5 hours with possibility of 1/2 an hour spill over to account for your extra time for photography, etc. (only where ever it is allowed and if other group members are ok with it). We usually conduct this tour in the early mornings between 6.30 a.m. - 9.30 a.m. or evening between 5.00 pm - 7.00 p.m..  local time.

 The usual starting point of the walk is the Eden Gardens Pagoda Gate and the tour ends there too. However, we can make special arrangements to pick you up from your hotel in Airconditioned Cars and drop you off at the same place or any place within 1 km of your pick up point.

 For our honorariums for steering the tour and extra expenses for facilities required by you beyond the scope of this tour, please contact us directly. We usually go ahead with a minimum of 2 explorers.

 Wishing you a Very Happy, Informed   & Entertained Exploration Memory!