First things first. It's YOUR photo walk. It's  YOUR  Inner Eye. Its YOUR  Creativity.

Everything else follows.


So we do not give you  Gyan (knowledge) unless you have asked for it ;).

You get to choose the time of the day / evening / weather / season. We are there to help you. We facilitate the locations, guide you on safety and cultural sensitivity with regard to photography.  We draw from our experience and inspirations to share with you (if asked for) the time & place. We facilitate good editing points for you to give final touches to your images. We DO NOT use your photography in our websites unless you permit us to.


However, just to share with you, a typical Photo Walk normally starts early mornings when the color temperature is easy suited to  the art and lasts for about 2- 5 hours. The photo walks are  usually centered around the similar locations as our other Story Walks but are spaced for the Photographer rather than a normal tourist. So you can stop, think, compose, shoot, re shoot till you are happy. You can also opt for a kit caddy to carry your case safely and concentrate on your work.


Kolkata is a fascinating, vibrating, colorful and soulful location with a million dramas enfolding every second. Be with us to compose YOUR OWN STORY in this trail.