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Marvellous Sundarbans 

Marvellous Sundarbans is about the private and day tours that one can embark on from Kolkata to learn about the rich biodiversity of the UNESCO World Heritage location. As a responsible citizen of the World, you get to learn about this famous location riding an ecological tightrope.

While you sail through the network of waterways with the jungle on either side, keep your eyes peeled for the flora and fauna of the place. Did you spot the Royal Bengal Tiger? The Estuarine Crocodiles, the Gangetic Dolphins, Water monitors, crab eating monkeys, jungle fowls, eagles, kites, kingfishers, egrets and deer are to be found here among many other varieties of fauna. Appreciate the lives of the people who live off the jungle as honey collectors, fishermen and crab catchers. Climb the watch towers and wait in silent anticipation! The lucky ones will be suitably rewarded.

Tingle your taste buds with delectable Bengali Cuisine hygienically served. Let your guide introduce you to the trees that abound in this mangrove forest. Stay back for a Night or two in a Jungle resort with clean, modern amenities or end your day with a pledge to being ambassadors of sustainable tourism.

The Suncdarban Tours we do are very widely appreciated. However, our tours are NOT like jungle picnics or in overcrowded boats with a milee of chattering tourists. It does not go with our philosophy of visiting jungles and wildlife. We do Private / semi private tours to keep the tour participants small in number and exclusive to some extent. This allows you to have uniformity in outlook and the company of people who are like minded.  However, if you must join a large group, we could book you on such a tour too, but not with us.

A Special Tour

  • Kindly appreciate that Sundarban is a Forest with National Park Status. This is a tour for Nature and Adventure lovers. City luxuries may not be available in many cases.
  • Please do your bit for your planet. Do not bring in / leave plastic and thermocol materials in the region. This is a punishable offence too.
  • Respect nature. Listen to it speak. Speak softly, speak less and listen more. You may be rewarded by wonderful sights if you blend in quietly.
Save Sundarbans! Save the Tiger!