The Lungs of Kolkata

All cities crave to have a sizeable stretch of greenery and it is usually a favourite with the residents as well as tourists. Just like Hyde Park in London and Central Park in New York, Kolkata too has its own stretch of verdant greens. We call it the Maidan.

Come with us for a Walk in the Maidan (though you may jog a bit if you feel more energetic). You will love to know yet another Kolkata that you may have otherwise missed. Please read on to know some of the activities we will participate in.

The Club Houses
 - We will show you some of the park tents of the reputed Kolkata Clubs, many of which are well over 100 years old. There are so many of them catering to varied interests like The Kennel Club, The Judo Club, Armenian Club, Ladies Golf Club, East Bengal , Mohan Bagan & Mohammedan Sporting Soccer and other Sporting Clubs, Press Club, Horse Riding & Polo Institutes and many more.....

Riding - The oldest Polo  Club in the World, the Calcutta Polo Club can help you with both Polo and Riding Expoeriences. You may choose to avail the pony rides on offer for the kids. This is exclusive of the walk.

Yoga & Pranayam - We will have a short Yoga & Pranayam (Ancient Indian Breathing Exercises) session, lessons from which   you may carry with you for your personal  wellness.

Walking around 
- Walk around  to cross the many health conscious Kolkatans who would give you early morning sunshine smiles and a hearty "Good Morning" wish. See people practising callisthenics, yoga and other open air exercises. Watch the athletes practise their sprints, jumps and other disciplines. If you are interested, we can arrange to translate a conversation with people practising your favourite sport for mutual knowledge and benefits.

Before we end the tour, you may choose to go in for a small Bharn (earthen disposable cup) of Chai (tea made with lots of milk, sugar and spices) to shore up your energy level.

Special Evening Maidan Tour - This is a special tour in which we take you around the Maidan in a Phaeton or similar Horse drawn Carriage. As you sit like a Maharajah or a local Nobility, we show you around the Maidan , you would be enjoying the cool breeze, vistas of the city lit up in the horizon and the sound of the tinkling bells of the horses and the zipping noise of the cars speeding nearby. Entirely romantic and unforgettable if you have the right kind of company with you. Special Evening Maidan Tour is a special tour of 1 hour and it is not part of the regular "Lungs of Kolkata" Maidan tour done in the morning.

The Maidan Tour would be of a duration of 2 hours with possibility of 1/2 an hour spill over to account for your extra time for photography, etc. (only where ever it is allowed and if other group members are ok with it). We usually conduct this tour in the early mornings between 6.30 a.m. - 9.30 a.m. (Except for the Phaeton Buggy Ride in the evening)  local time as it helps you to walk comfortably in the pleasant mornings and in time to go for a hearty breakfast at your chosen place for you are sure to build up a massive appetite after the tour.

 The usual starting point of the walk is the Main Gate of the Victoria Memorial Lawns and the tour ends there too. However, we can make special arrangements to pick you up from