Some of the splendid walks, tours, activities and workshops that you could experience with us are as follows :

 The Raj Heritage Walks - Dalhousie Square area & Strand River Front Read more   

The Early Calcutta Walk- Lanes & Bylanes of Old  Kolkata, following the germination, growth and decadence of a City. The fascinating Black Town, the melting pot of cultures & trades plied by the Babus, Chinese, Portuguese, Armenians, Jews from Baghdad, Greecians, Parsees. Read more

Mesmerising Kolkata Day Tour, a Private Tour, crafted exclusively for you so you may plan with us to get a holistic idea of Kolkata along with her sights, sounds, tastes, culture and idiosyncrasies.  Read more

Kolkata Photo Tours- a wonderful montage of human emotions, architectural dizziness, history, art and culture is what you get out of this walk. Street life, portraits, unique sights, poetries in vision and stories in pixels. So go ahead and create your own masterpiece. Why should we influence your vision? We only facilitate your tour with unobtrusive leading and escorting.  What we bring to the table is our vast experience of the city including the geography, quirkiness and scenes that go beyong normal photowalk destinations. Your time, your choice of waiting at a location, your exculsive moment (only concern is to keep you safeand that is where we might step in).  This is not a group tour usually. So you do not get "me too" images of the same spot in the same time. Only for those willing to step out of the box and create their own delights in a singular fashion. Read more

The Lungs of Kolkata - Morning Walks in the Maidan, lung full of fresh air and watching a City get fitter by the day. Read more

Bookworming - A walk through College Street, the oldest book market in the east and the seats of learning with many Colleges and the Calcutta University.

Feel the Human Tide - Walk, mix and interact with the people of the city. Get the essence of Kolkata under your skin. A promised overwhelming experience. 

Mindboggling Trades - Not just books, we shall take you on the walks to different trading markets where you would be able to see the diverse trades in select pockets of the City including Burrabzaar, one of the biggest trading hubs of Asia. You've never seen this before.

Riverfront Walks - An evening walk on the banks of the River Hooghly, catching the City unwind and relax near the river bank parks and promenades. Read more

Irresistible Gastronomic Appetites A Culinary Walk par excellence down Kolkata Food Street, letting you savour the local Indian Cuisines, authentic Oriental and Raj Era European Continental Food avatars that even the Continent may not have any more. You also get an opportunity to pick up the skills if you so wish by participating in the popular Dine In Cooking Workshop at a real Bengali Home. Read more

Educational Tours - for the global citizens of tomorrow, this is an excellent opportunity to be eased into both  history and culture. For many, it isn a true appreciation of the privileges we have and for others, a moment that may define our future choice of careers. 

In addition to the above, we can take you to more tailor made  Walks in Kolkata. 

With each walk, we shall tell you a Fascinating Story of the City so you can visualise the city as it grew to its present stage and share our dreams for Kolkata, which we call "Tilottama" or "The Beautiful Lady".

Well,  not just walks. We also have tours that we conduct in air-conditioned cabs when you want to cover greater areas or have problems walking.  You can of course ask us to tailor make an itinerary to suit your specific needs. 

Very Popular Day/Overnight Tours from Kolkata :

  • Intellectual illumination of Shantiniketan Read more
  • Bengal Terracota, architecture, handloom and handicrafts in Bishnupur
  • A rural day out in a bengal village for a non touisty true India experience out of the global city sphere
  • Boat Cruises in the Ganges
  • Neighboring Kolkata European fgootprints, tracing the French, Dutch, Danish and Portuguese Bengal settlements Read more


Beyond touring :

  • Stories over dinner
  • Bengali Cooking Live Workshops (Veg / Vegan / Non Veg) Read more
  • Quizzes for Academic Institutions
  • Treasure Hunts for Corporates
  • Giving back to society by Volunteering Opportunities at select NGOs
  • Escorted Shopping 
  • Handicraft Workshops