Kolkata Story Tours

 A very good way of intimately looking at a city, enjoying its vibes and engaging with its people, arts, culture and entertainment  is by walking through some special parts of the city. 

Calcutta (or Kolkata as we now call it) can be best enjoyed through the several Story Walks that we conduct across the City.

Some of the splendid walks that you could take with us are as follows :

The Raj Heritage Walks - Relive the Raj Era Days of a great British endeavour and its lavish followthrough in this  story sprinkled walk around Dalhousie Square area & Strand River Front. This is  our most popular walk till date and the ideal beginning for discovering the beginning of the city. Read more     


The Early Calcutta Walk- Lanes & Bylanes of Old  Kolkata, following the germination, growth and decadence of a City. Hear the stories, tread the road and go beyond normal touristy itineraries.  Read more


The Lungs of Kolkata - Morning Walks in the Maidan, lung full of fresh air and watching a City get fitter by the day. Read more

Irresistible Gastronomic Exploration - A Culinary Tour par excellence down Kolkata Food Street & more. Over the years Kolkata has been home to not just Bengalis but peole from all over the world. This has had a profound impact on the city's culinary scenario among other influences, that is truly marvellous! Our tour lets you savour the local Indian Cuisines, Authentic Oriental and Raj Era European Continental Food avatars that even the Continent may not have any more. We take you down the bazaars to see the raw ingredients, make you walk through incredible street food zones and we have lunch at one of the iconic eateries that abound. After seeing the city from up close for the remaining part of the day you have an option to further delve into the world of local culiary delights.You get an opportunity to attend an exclusive Cooking workshop (growing in popularity among gastronomes) to end the tour, where you learn to cook Bengali food or see it demonstrated for you and savour the fine home cooked, authentic cuisine that breaks away from restaurant gimmicks. Read More


Kolkata Photo Tours- a wonderful montage of human emotions, architectural dizziness, history, art and culture is what you get out of this walk. So go ahead and create your own masterpiece. Why should we influence your vision? We only facilitate your tour with unobtrusive escorting. What we bring to the table is our vast experience of the city including the geography, quirkiness and scenes that go beyong normal photowalk destinations. Your time, your choice of waiting at a location, your exculsive moment (only concern is to keep you safe and that is where we might step in).  This is not a group tour usually. So you do not get "me too" images of the same spot in the same time. Only for those willing to step out of the box and create their own delights in a singular fashion.


Bookworming - A walk through College Street, the oldest book market in the east and the seats of learning with many Colleges and the Calcutta University.


Feel the Human Tide - Walk, mix and interact with the people of the city. Get the essence of Kolkata under your skin. A promised overwhelming experience. 


Sunderbans - We look at Sunderbans a little differently. We find that the mystic forest with it's underlying ferocity, the intrigue of survival between man and beast, the fragile eco system, the exotic Fauna and Flora are best experienced in a quite private tour, away from the party atmosphere boat rides that one can jolly well do in the city. So, do call on us to find out more, only if you subscribe to our philosophy and set a date for the UNESCO World Heritage location that is fighting for survival. Read More


Shantiniketan - The Abode of Peace. A tour for the discerning few, a perfect mind spa. Read more


Mindboggling Trades - Not just books, we shall take you on the walks to different trading markets where you would be able to see the diverse trades in select pockets of the City including Burrabzaar, one of the biggest trading hubs of Asia. You've never seen this before.


Riverfront Walks - An evening walk on the banks of the River Hooghly, catching the City unwind and relax near the river bank parks and promenades. Read more


Pause for a cause -  Plan your travel so that in the midst of your pleasure tours, you may pause a while and learn, share, give and be one wth the many great efforts that are happening in Kolkata. Check them out 1st hand and plan to volunteer if you feel like it or atleast be humbled by the comparative privilege that you life has offered you this  far so that you can "Celebrate your life"!


Mesmerising Kolkata - A full day Kolkata tour, privately crafted for you. The itinerary in the page is simply a guide and this tour is always designed with your interset inputs and our experience combined. Read more


In addition to the above, we can take you to more tailor made  Walks in Kolkata.