Welcome to Kolkata

Kolkata is a city like no other. Being a veritable melting point  of many races, cultures, ethnic groups, languages, cuisines, faiths, social practices, et al, Kolkata can a very intimidating & confusing  experience to a new guest uninitiated to the sub continent. Yet, in this diversity lies the beauty of our city which has, unlike many other cities, embraced over time, the many different people who have chosen to make their homes here. We have lived in harmony over so many years in spite of challenges that have come our way and thrived, giving back to Kolkata a lot  of enrichment along the way.  We are eager today, to share with you the experience of these traditions of history, culture and values from yesteryears while inviting you to enjoy the modern amenities and tour options as expected from one of the fastest growing cities in the largest democracy in the world.

We have a very ancient  saying in India - "Vasudeva Kutumbakam" in the Sanskrit language (arguably the most structured  earliest languages of the world). It means - The entire world is a family.

We welcome you to be a guest in our family and will leave no stones unturned to ensure that you have the best time possible, within our means. Just to make your life easier, we have provided two links here.

The first link  is 
Language Tips where in we have introduced you to some basic phrases in 2 of the most widely spoken languages in the subcontinent : Hindi & Bangla. Although Kolkata has a very significant population that can communicate in English, you may choose to use these phrases for more effective communication with a wider audience.

Secondly, in 
Melting In, we have provided  a few tips on social customs, etiquettes, suggestions on avoidable behaviours and other pointers. These are certainly not comprehensive and not completely binding in all occasions. However, these would generally help you to either  avoid embarrassing moments or more positively show you in a position of mutual respect.

We are Happy to Help You!