Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you enjoy your presence here. Kolkata Story Tours is about the exotic Walking Tours of the City of Joy, Kolkata and many other tours, both curated as well as tailor made for your marvellous explorations!

A very good way of intimately looking at a city, enjoying its vibes and engaging with its people, arts, culture and entertainment  is by walking through some special parts of the city.

Calcutta (or Kolkata, as we now call it) can be best enjoyed through the several Story Walks that we conduct across the City.

With each walk, we shall tell you a Fascinating Story of the City so you can visualise the city as it grew to its present stage and share our dreams for Kolkata, which we call "Tilottama" or "The Beautiful Lady". 

Overall, as you start exploring you will find that, as famous author Dominique Lapierre had written, it is indeed a City of Joy!