We are a team of young and not so young citizens of Kolkata. We love our city and are constantly rediscovering it as it travels through time. We are a group of people associated with the Music, Art and Culture of the City. We are as fascinated, as you would surely be , by the time warped decadence and peeling opulence of the bygone days coexisting with all that a  most modern city might offer. We can vouch that Kolkata is Historically grandiose, Culturally a Pioneering leader and possibly the most Emotive of all Indian cities. 

The team is anchored by Kaushik Chatterjee, a member of our team who abhors the term Kolkataphile but would rather be known as a fellow discoverer of the city. It has been his vision to share the City with travellers, going much beyond the famed Travel Guide.

Within a short period of our starting Kolkata Story Tours, the Walking Tours of Kolkata, we have been humbled by the great response we have received.

To make the Walks and other Tours / facilities that we offer, we have chosen to keep the tariffs very very competitive.

We also consciously donate a part of your payment to a few charities based in Kolkata. So, every time you walk with us, you are helping someone in need. So, Keep Walking, as they say!